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Getting started with Faust->Juce->GUIMagic

I added those 2 lines to my AudioProcessor constructor and get this now:

So I figured out the reason for the missing UI:

There is an option which is on by default: FOLEYS_SAVE_EDITED_GUI_IN_PLUGIN_STATE
When running first without the parameters and without the create in the constructor, it saves the empty tree.
Next time when you added the defaultGUI in the constructor, it will overwrite it with the restored empty tree.

That option seemed like a good idea at that time, but I come to think it creates more problems than what it solves. It is so easy to either remove the plugin and lose the data or look at the wrong data like happened here.

TL;DR: to solve it switch the option FOLEYS_SAVE_EDITED_GUI_IN_PLUGIN_STATE=0 off in the cmake defines or in the Projucer module page.

P.S.: I am aware that it only adds the first parameter group at the moment. I need to check why that functionality broke. Version 1.3 was a big one which should probably have gotten more testing. My apologies to everybody…

P.P.S.: The way via the “File” menu in the toolbox still works here: Select “File”->“clear” and then “File”->“default”. You don’t need to clear, but the default will add to the existing tree.

OK, well I’m getting somewhere now. Will continue to mess with it and see what happens. Thanks!

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