Abandoning FFMPEG

Been looking at your project for a while. We already have our implementation with FFMPEG and looking to get away from FFMPEG.

Any plans @system to ditch FFMPEG to use the OS Specific libraries for video?

Hi @MIDIculous,

Sorry for the late reply.
I have an implementation on my machine that uses the windows media foundation. However, that was not very thoroughly tested. It was a by product when implementing live camera input for webcams, which happens to use the same API.

I haven’t worked on the engine in a while, that’s why building the examples is a bit rocky at the moment.

I am talking to a few people about joining forces and bring a new move into the project, but I cannot promise anything at the moment.

So I would be willing to publish the windows media loading as is. If anybody feels curageous and wants to do the same for macOS AVfoundation, that would be amazing, I am open on public and private channels.

All the best,