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Any Examples of XYDragComponent?

I have an older midi synthesizer codebase that I wrote using Web Audio Api years ago. It emulates a modular synth with a patch panel and patch cords. I use Bezier curves to draw the patch cords. You can drag and drop the cords onto jacks which are just special GUI items that accept a drag/drop item. I would like to implement something similar in JUCE and I noticed there is an XYDragComponent and was hoping I could potentially utilize that.

Great library by the way. It really makes it easy to rapidly prototype a UI and the web-like display flow you have implemented is also very familiar to a web developer like myself :slight_smile:

Thank you for checking out the library. That’s exactly what I wanted to achieve.

For the XY-Dragging component have a look at the EqualizerExample. The handles to move along the filter parameters are actually XY-Draggers. The crosshair can be configured to show horizontal, vertical, both or none.

Hope that helps, enjoy!

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