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Bug on centered caption?


I have tried to put my caption at the center of the view, but it disappears even if works for all the other positions. Is it a bug or am I wrong something?

I am sorry but I cannot reproduce this.

Please be aware that only centred-top will put it above on the center. If you choose centred it is not displayed at all, because in the middle of the view would be silly for a caption.

Hope that helps

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Ah… Okay thank you. I was tying to put my caption at the center of the view (with the centred option). So what is the sense of the centred option for the caption?

Anyway, how I can put a text at the center of a view? Should I use a Label view? But in this case will the font-size be scaled with respect to the size of the ‘global’ (root) view?

Thank you!

Ah, I see. Yeah, that use case makes sense. I’ll see what I can do.

Maybe I’ll just display it in the center and if the View has children, it’s hidden as expected.

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This is now available on develop:

It’s interesting now, you can also see a caption in the background if the chidldren are transparent.
I left it in, since it might pose interesting options. And if people don’t want that, they should simply not supply a caption.

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