Cannot find this module

Just discovered foleys_gui_magic. I cloned the repository into my Juce/modules folder and made sure the name was “foleys_gui_magic”

When I add the module to my project Juce 7 projucer project it complains that it can’t find a module at the path I chose.

clone to global user modules folder and add the module from path


Sorry for the late reply
For me the “Add a module from a specified Folder” works best.
Make sure that the folder was not renamed when downloading. github sometimes creates folders like foleys_gui_magic.develop, which will break Projucer.

For all JUCE modules to work the folder needs to be named like the module name and like the main header file:

Hope that helps, let me know if you are still stuck.

Yep. I double checked that. I tried adding it using the “Global JUCE modules path” option and the “Add a module from a specified folder…”. Both make the module show up in projucer modules list but the box icon is grey and if clicked on says that it couldn’t find the module at the specified path