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Dynamic Label and/or real-time number display

Hellos :slight_smile:

I have pretty much sorted how to add AudioParameters to my GUIs and use them properly, and I see that there are premade dynamic visualizers/meters that FGM has ready to insert. Is there an obvious way to insert just a label that I can still access programmatically (update text)? Feel free to point me to a post or example if you have one (or just a better way to achieve the goal)

I’m playing with a plugin that does pitch detection, and at this point I need a real-time view of its performance so I can pick a different algorithm or tweak what I have, etc.

(p.s. I am familiar with C++ but only recently started playing with Juce/DSP)

Thanks in advance!

Nice stuff!
The visualisers are due to get a LookAndFeel interface. In fact for the level meters it actually exists already, but I want to review it first. I copied it more or less over just to get it working, so I might make modifications to the API.

An alternative might be to create a custom component that you place behind the analyser plot.
To learn how to wrap a custom component you can have a look at the ExtendingExample:

The most important things are to create that wrapper item that inherits from GuiItem, to call the
and to make the class known to the editor:

I consider that a workaround until the LookAndFeel drawing is available. But it is unproblematic if you set margin, padding and border to 0. The plot is transparent anyway.

Let me know if that works for you.


Didn’t even use a plot yet, but this worked first try!

Thank you! I appreciate seeing your replies all over the Juce forums and here

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