EqualizerExample crashes on main branch

For teaching purposes, I cloned the main branch of PGM from a clean start, using whatever JUCE and foleys_gui_magic commits it had registered as submodules, and unfortunately, examples/EqualizerExample crashes on startup due to that toggle-button issue in which a click happens within the gesture of a prior click. Trying the develop branch next . . .

The same problem appears to be happening on the develop branch.
I turned off checking for that in JUCE, and the equalizer sections appear to be enabled (checkbox checked), but sound disabled. I can uncheck the enable checkbox, but then I cannot check it again. Nothing I tried enabled the sections audibly.

Apologies for the long delay.
I was pointed to a possible fix. Can you please check if it solves the issue?
In that case I will do a release to main immediately.

Thank you so much for reporting and now for checking!

Unfortunately, I still get the assertion failure in mouseUp from JUCE.
When I enable radio buttons in my compiles, I get the crash below as soon as I click on any toggle-button. If you are NOT getting this, then I suppose it means there is some bad interaction between my code and yours. I am in the process of migrating to the latest main branch, proceeding one PR at a time in my public fork, so hopefully this will be gone for me as well when I get that done.

Assertion failure in mouseUp:

Stack backtrace: