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Feature request: LNF editor

I’ve had a wonderful time working with PGM, it makes my life a lot easier.
I have, however, a request:
I would love to see an option in the editor to adjust the colours used in LookAndFeel classes.
This way only a property of a LNF would need to be adjusted and all relevant items in your plugin would change automatically while editing/designing.
Is this possible?

Welcome to the forum,
I am glad you enjoy PGM.
Editing colours is certainly possible. There are multiple ways to do so:

  • You can click e.g. on a slider or any other node in the tree of components in the attached editor.
    The property editor underneath can be scrolled through and there are all attributes for that node.
    This value will then only be valid for that one component.
  • You can select in the combobox under “Types” the type of component and set values in the same manner. Those values will be taken into account for all components of that type (e.g. all sliders).
  • You can create CSS classes by selecting the submenu “Classes”. Either you select an existing class or you create a new class. Each node can have a list of CSS classes it references. Those classes are taken into account in the order of appeareance.
  • In the CSS class you can also select. if this value is only for the component that has the CSS class set, or for child components as well.
  • CSS classes can also be specifiwed to be only valid e.g. for certain screen sizes, which is useful to create a responsive layout.
  • There is also a colour palette that you can reference instead of a colour value. You access it in the combobox “Palette”, where you add a name and click to open the colour picker. In a component you use $colourName, but there is a v symbol that opens a dropdown of existing colours.

In case some properties don’t update immediately, then it is a bug. You can click in the file menu “Refresh” or CMD+R (or Ctrl+R in windows) and the GUI will build from scratch.
For instance I just saw that happening when changing a colour in the colour palette.

I am currently with family, but I will add a few screenshots later.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions.
And enjoy PGM :slight_smile:

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Aha I see, I should have looked around a bit better…
Thanks so much for the in depth reply!


That’s great that it did help.
Sorry for not getting around to add some screenshots.
I always hope to make more educational material but never find the time in between projects.

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