Ff_meters decay ballistics

Hi Daniel, I’m using your excellent ff_meters in one of my plugin projects, and all is working fine! My question is this: How difficult is it to add a meter decay, so that when I stop a track in Logic, the meters decay gradually down to -inf in a graceful fashion (this is the default mode for the meters in Logic itself). It may well be that this is already ‘built in’, but I just haven’t found it! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Daniel - I’ve managed to sort it out myself… If anyone’s interested, I can post a code snippet here.

Sorry, just see this now.
It should actually happen automatically. If you look at paint() it will call decayIfNeeded(), which will check if there was a measurement in the last 100 msecs. If not it should pump zeroes which should result in the decay you are after.

I haven’t tested this in a while, but looking at the code 5 years later, the decayIfNeeded() call should probably be in the timerCallback() and not the paint() :blush: