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Flexbox question (or two)

Watching the video #1 was helpful after getting it all working. The way you were talking about “flexbox” I figured I should already know what this is, but I didn’t. I looked it up, this explains a lot.

I am trying to figure out what is going on with my design.

Here’s my layout so far.


With the tabbed control set to:


If I change this to:

Then this happens:

The sliders disappear for all settings other than “Stretch”. No doubt it is really basic but I’m in outer space on this one.

I am not really good at flex box, I just exposed the settings from juces layout engine.

But my hypothesis is, since there is no rule for the height of the items, they collapse unless the stretch forces them to be as tall as possible.

You could try again by giving each item a min-height. Without wrapping it is enough to set a height to one element, the others are aligned to it it seems.

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Giving a slider a minimum height did indeed help. Thanks!

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