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How to make the GUI Editor disapear?

Is there a way to make the GUI editor disappear after the plugin it’s finished? I think It doesn’t look quite right for the user inside a DAW.

Great question, thanks!

You are right, it shoudln’t be included in a released version. It is a compile switch FOLEYS_SHOW_GUI_EDITOR_PALLETTE, you should switch off when you are done.

You can find that in the Projucer when you select the foleys_gui_magic module.

Alternatively you can add it to the preprocessor defines. I have it set up, so it will never appear in a release build:

Remember to save your magic.xml file and re-save the Projucer project, so the magic.xml in the binary resources is rewritten.

This is my deployment routine:

  • save magic.xml
  • Projucer: switch off FOLEYS_SHOW_GUI_EDITOR_PALLETTE
  • Projucer: re-save project
  • back to Xcode or VS and build

Hope that helps

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