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Is there a way to get separate analyzers on left and right?

I got an analyzer working. Or analyser. Take your pick. I don’t know what took me so long to get it working but it finally did. Things are starting to make more sense. Keep in mind that working in Faust isolates one from almost all details of the implementation UNTIL IT DOESN’T, so I don’t normally work in C++ or Juce or anything except under duress. I only want to learn as much of it as I have to. My current Faust generated code is 16,000 lines (not all of it is active though).

Ah but here’s my question about the analyzer.
Does it mix however many channels to mono? Is there a way to get separate analyzers on left and right?

Yes it does.

Yes, you need a separate analyzer instance for each channel. Then you specify the channel number in the constructor:

leftAnalyser = magicState.createAndAddObject<foleys::MagicAnalyser>("input-left", 0);
rightAnalyser = magicState.createAndAddObject<foleys::MagicAnalyser>("input-right", 1);

Note the arguments after the identifier are forwarded to the MagicAnalyser constructor.


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