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Min and Max heigh/width


Might I ask how min and max height/width work for the ‘root’ view? Because even if I set my view resizable, those min and max limits are not respected

Hi @karota,

that is a speciality of JUCE: The resizable property as well as the constrainer are only set up when the AudioProcessorEditor are created.

You will only see an effect when you close and reopen the editor.

In the standalone it will only have an effect if it results from a stored ValueTree.

Hope that helps

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Ahhh ok!

So @daniel, if I understood correctly, those are not constraints applied when I resize the windows, but they work only when I re-open my plugin.

If what I wrote is correct, is there a way to add such constraints on the resize of the window? And also, is there a way to resize the window by keeping constant a ‘predefined’ ratio?

Well, they should constrain the resize. If they don’t it’s a bug.

I just tested in Logic with the EqualizerExample and I can limit the minimum size.

Let me know if it doesn’t work for you.

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Hi @daniel ! You’re right and sorry I was wrong with some dimensions.

However, what about this?

Sorry, I overread that one. I will have a look, if juce allows an aspect ratio.
If possible I will make that available.

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This is now available on the develop branch and will be included in the next release

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Wow! Too kind @daniel, thank you very much. And so proud to suggest you a new feature! I will try it asap

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