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New version 1.3.4: Autosave!

Plugins crash sometimes during development. So you don’t lose your editing there is now an autosave available.
To activate the autosave PGM needs to know the location of your source files. This is done with a trick, add this line in your MagicProcessors constructor:


It also allows that open/close will start in the right folder for the project (Source or if exists Resources).

Here all changes:

  • Removed modal loops (needed for JUCE 6.0.9)
  • Added PopupMenu background and colours in ComboBox for all shipped LookAndFeels
  • Made Tooltip colours configurable
  • Added tooltip to foleys widgets like Levelmeter, XY-dragger
  • Added macro to automatically set the sources folder for save/load FOLEYS_SET_SOURCE_PATH
  • Added AutoSave every 10 seconds, requires using FOLEYS_SET_SOURCE_PATH
  • Changed LevelMeter from rolling average to ballistic, added max line
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