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Next Features and New Year resolutions

Hello dear PGM users!

The end of the year is a perfect time to take a breath and see where to head to next.
2021 already saw some nice additions, like:

  • Simplified setup thanks to foleys::MagicProcessor
  • Auto-Save
  • Improved Captions
  • independent from AudioProcessorValueTreeState
  • Midi-Learn to map CC to parameters
  • Properties for all instances
  • Support for Filmstrip knobs
  • and some more…

So here are the features I am contemplating next and I want to give you the chance to vote on it or add your own feature wishes in the thread. But please note that this is just a poll, I cannot give promises that any of those features actually comes to life. But I do my best to make it better and better…

Next Features
  • Look and Feel for Decorators and Meters
  • Drag and Drop operations
  • More Visualisers (Goniometer, Signal Visualiser, …)
  • CSS-Import/Export
  • HSV / corresponding Colour-Editor
  • Dynamic content a la AJAX/jQuery
  • Animated transitions / slide shows
  • “Knobman style” editor
  • Dialog Boxes / File Browsers
  • Unit Testing

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And now happy voting and a blessed 2022!


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