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Personal Fonts and Slider by using otf and imagestrips respectively


I saw your tutorials on the foleys magic and I’m trying to build a GUI on my plugin where I have already defined the DSP. I’d like to know if there is a way to modify a slider by using an image strip. Usually when I needed to do it, I inherited the Juce Slider class and i redefine the paint method where I draw the film strip image. I set also the font for all the texts by loading the font from the resources. Is there a way to do all this stuff directly by using the foleys and so without an editor class?

Last but not least, I was building your example of the foley sinth, but when I try to save a preset my Ableton crashes. Why does it happen?

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Hi @karota,

thanks for the feedback.

  • Yes, I plan to add a Filmstrip slider, it is a very handy way for artworks that cannot be generated procedurally
  • Fonts is definitely something to look into. TBH I haven’t looked to deeply into that. I just realise that the LookAndFeel approach JUCE is taking makes it hard to have different fonts per component. It is more geared to work per component type.
    I think a good compromise would be to allow at least for time being a general font or even per component and LookAndFeel
  • The FoleysSynth and the presets was a simple attempt to showcase how the ListBox could be used. As a real preset system it wasn’t really useful anyway, because in that version the presets are just stored in the instance.
    There is now a new properties system that stores in a shared file per product. This will allow to store presets machine wide.
    I have seen that crash, I assumed some data race. But didn’t have time to investigate. I will have a look while changing it to store the presets outside the session.

Good luck and happy hacking

Hi @daniel !!

Thanks for your great reply! Everything is clear now. I will wait for an update that gives the possibility to manage fonts!
I have another little thing to ask if its possible: I’m just trying to add a TextButton to control a AudioParameterBool, registered in my APVTS. But when I attach the TextButton to the parameter and I click on it, nothing happens. Am I doing wrong?

Thank you!

Thanks for the report.
First be aware that the default colours for a TextButton on and off are sometimes too similar to notice.
But I realise the TextButton is missing the setClickingTogglesState() property.

There are two ways to fix it, either I’ll add a property to set this flag, or what I will do instead, as soon as a parameter is connected, it will switch the behaviour to toggle.

I’ll add it in the following days to develop.

The fix for the TextButton to toggle is on the develop branch now, v1.2.8

Yeah! I got it.

Probably the Text-on and the text-default don’t work, I’m not sure because finally I’ve decided to use a personal button.
Regarding the fonts, It would be great at least to set the font on the caption of the decorators. Probably the steps are similar to what happen for the backgrund image…

Oh you are right, that should be easy.
I just need to make sure, it doesn’t collide with my plans to allow the decorators being customisable via LookAndFeelMethods in the future.

I’ll have a look.

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