PGM not updated for juce 7.0.3

It seems that PGM isn’t OK on Juce 7.0.3 and 7.0.4.

This seems to come from some using of the Juce::SliceTimeThread.
StartThread(int priority) and some others methods seems not available anymore.

I wonder what are the update plans and/or if there is an easy fix to that?

Thank you

Thanks for the heads up.

The develop branch is running on 7.0.3 and I just verified on 7.0.4.
I would love to make a release from develop to main, but there is a problem with the new RadioButtonManager that I want to fix first.

Can you switch to the develop branch for time being?

Thank you yes I’ll try the develop branch or stay on 7.0.2 for the time being