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Please recommend an up to date example

I’m still having trouble getting the XML to load. I looked at your examples in Github but they seem like they might contain some out of date info such as needing to add the magicState.


I’m getting close to abandoning this, as promising as it seems, it doesn’t do much if I spend an hour arranging and making everything look nice only to never see it again. I know the changes are being saved to the XML.

If I have an up to date working example to follow I’m sure it would make it more obvious what I have missed. Thanks!

Apologies! The code is up to date, but I missed to update the README.md

Those examples are automatically built on each commit on the develop branch and from the next release on the master branch will build as well (and I think I’ll rename it to main branch on that occasion)

OK thanks. I will look into it. I really want this to work! Because deep down inside I don’t like writing code. It’s actually amazing to me that there aren’t better solutions to this. Will Pirkle has his own thing based on VSTGUI, but integration with Faust is a big deal for me. Really appreciate the interaction here and I hope that my input is helpful to you.



Your input is very much appreciated. Testing with my projects is one thing, but I need to know exactly those hints you are giving me, how it performs when it is used in the wild without my bias having written it.

And I agree, I like writing C++, but it is certainly not the easiest language for designing, which is why I created this tool.

Thank you for using it and for all the feedback.

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