Plot-gradient problem

The mostly minimized XML below loads the screenshot shown shown. I have to eliminate the fill below the plot line because I am working with notch filters, and all of those fills add up to obscure the notches. I discovered that the plot-gradient is causing my problem. When I set its alpha to zero, I get strings like none(0% 0,100% ffffffff) which still does not work because the alpha is set on only one side of the gradient. Manually editing the second value to 00xxxxxx fixes the problem temporarily, but it is very brittle (because the Editor cannot set it that way) and updates stop working for other properties in the Plot inspector. I think the alpha setting should hit both sides of the gradient, or more sliders should be used, etc.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

  <View id="root" resizable="1" resize-corner="1" min-width="400" min-height="400"
        margin="0" tooltip-text="silver" tooltip-background="FF210444"
        tooltip-outline="FF9581AD" lookAndFeel="FoleysFinest">
    <Plot source="plotSum"/>
    <!-- plot-fill-color="FF23F242" plot-color="FFEBEBE0"
          plot-decay="0" plot-inactive-color="FF0C00A3" plot-gradient="none(0% f50,100% ffffffff)"/> -->

Thank you for reporting and apologies for the long delay.

The orange is an unfortunate choice for the default colour.

I managed to get rid of it by selecting the Types: Plot node and set the plot-inactive-fill-color to transparent black. Unfortunately I had to click “Refresh” from the File menu.

There seems to be a missing update for changes in the Stylesheet node.

The missing update is now fixed on develop:

Since it only happens when editing, it should be fine.