Screen resolution / font size issue

Sometimes, I get a tiny font size on the PGM Palette Editor.
Here’s an example
The plugin is a typical size, occupying about a quarter of the screen. But the Foleys GUI Editor Palette is a fraction of the size that it should be. The font sizes seem ok in the plugin’s GUI, but the palette is barely usable.
I know that this issue can sometimes occur with apps that don’t handle high definition screens well, and can often be fixed with the app properties. But what is causing this to happen with Foleys PGM, and how can I resolve it?

Thanks for reporting. I think it has to do that the plugin window has set a scale factor. But I don’t know how to inherit that factor to the palette window.
There are various methods which could be usable, like ComponentPeer::ScaleFactorListener or maybe we need to get the AudioProcessorEditor::setScaleFactor() (I didn’t find a way to read it back).
Not sure what would be the right fix sadly.

I haven’t found anywhere in the code where I’m doing anything to the ScaleFactor. Maybe I can just force it not to do it, or to do it in the default way.
But I found out why I only get this sometimes. I often do development as a ‘standalone plugin’ so that I don’t need to run the DAW for testing. And I can see that the screen resolution issue occurs when I build it as a VST3 plugin, but not when I build it as a standalone. So it is a setting that only happens for some output formats.

Yeah, I meant rather the other way round, that the default AudioProcessorEditor does something which I should do in the child palette window as well.
I know that opening child windows in plugins have that kind of potential problems, but I didn’t see a way around without obstructing the GUI you are about to design.

The hint that it only occurs in VST3 is good to know, because IIRC that particular API allows the host to specify a scale factor that might be implemented differently than other scaling mechanisms.