Slow GUI loading with setVisible()/tabbed components


I’m working on many plugins and encountered a common problem using magic gui plugin.
The plugins take a lot of time (compare the other plugins) to load the GUI.
It isn’t a big problem for the standalone version but in a DAW it is happenig evrytime I load/display the plugins.
It seems that the problem happens when I use tabbed viewport or when I’m using a toggle button value to show/hide some components (or when when using setViseble(false), setVIsable(false) from the code).

Of crouse, I tried without showing the editor from a release build.

From your experience what can cause this slow loading?
Does tabbed view/setVisible() are supposed to slow down the loading lot?

Thanks for your answers,


Does this happen with your modified editor? If so, please see my answer in your other thread:

Hello, It also happens on my plugins using the editor as is in the magic gui plugin sources.

OK my bads, it was due to the fact that I was nesting the whole plugin in view and then in another view. That was useless and surprisingly involved a big difference on the loading time.