Struggling with howto video

Hi I have watched the how to video a few times and between the instructions from 2020 and what must be obvious to others but now me is a how to get a clean install into an exacting project.

I had seen that tree line isn’t important now but have yet to find the full instructions for intergration.

I have removed the :

bools has editor
Juce::plugineditor crest editor

And comments out both the get state info and set state info.

I know that I need to remove the line that specifies the old processor editor line in processor plugin but between the 2020 video and the 2021 read me I’m at a post as to what that line needs to be.

My apologies I’m a web dev working on my first cpp project and would love to get this working if possible

Indeed the videos are a bit more complicated than it has to.

There is a posting which summarizes the steps:

If you inherit from foleys::MagicBuilder instead of juce::AudioProcessor, most of the steps in the video are already done for you.
Loading and saving is already implemented, all the pure virtual functions like getProgram() etc. are implemented with a default, etc.

I would love to make a new video with those updated steps, but I cannot promise if and when that will happen.

Additionally you can have a look at the examples in the examples

Let me know if you still have trouble with the foleys::MagicProcessor.
Good luck